Te Ara Mahi – Pathways to work

1 April 2020

Development West Coast will be receiving $2.08m from the Provincial Growth Fund to run a Te Ara Mahi- Pathways to work project. This will be an employment and training programme targeted at skill shortage areas across the Coast. The programme will fit people seeking employment and training to jobs, as well as the upskilling of existing employees to new jobs. Under the scheme businesses will be able to apply for subsidies to help create new positions and take on additional workers.

These would be new positions with the employer and employees committing to jobs lasting a minimum of 18 months.

DWC will be working alongside the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to run the programme across the region to help stimulate our economy.

For short-term cashflow assistance, look into applying to the Government’s Wage Subsidy Scheme, or talk to your bank about the Mortgage Holiday and Business Finance Guarantee Schemes. These are Government initiatives set up to help business get through the immediate challenges they are facing.

Te Ara Mahi – Pathways to work