Recent Government Announcements and Advice – Covid-19

1 April 2020

Updated advice on non-food essential purchases

Can I buy non-food essential products like heaters, blankets or whiteware?

The Government has announced that businesses will be able to sell essential non-food consumer products, within the next few days, if they can do so online or over the phone and deliver in a contactless way.

Essential products cover only those products that keep people warm, replace key household appliances, and maintain people’s health. They may include, for example, blankets, heaters, kitchenware and appliances, whiteware, computer equipment, and mobile phones.

Shops will not be open for businesses to sell or for customers to collect these products.

Freight services and couriers need to be able to focus on the delivery of essential goods. Purchasing retail products online from overseas, such as clothing, will impact the flow of essential goods throughout New Zealand.

During the lockdown, please only buy what you need and be fair to others.

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What to do if you’re concerned about Level 4 Alert breaches

  • Concerned members of the public can now report COVID-19 Alert Level 4 restriction breaches to Police by completing an online form.
  • Please use the online form instead of calling Police. This helps keep our lines available to people that need urgent help, and will help ease the load on the non-emergency phone number.
  • Use the online form to report isolation breaches or cases of businesses continuing to operate when they are not part of the essential workforce.
  • Police will take the information reported online and make contact to remind those breaching the restrictions of  their responsibilities.
  • Police continue to take the approach of educating and informing people of their responsibilities in the first instance, but will not hesitate to take enforcement action if people continue to ignore the restrictions.

Updates on supermarkets

  • MBIE has been in regular contact with the supermarkets as people have raised concerns about pricing. The supermarkets have consistently assured MBIE that they are not hiking prices. If people are concerned, they are able to email
  • Rules around Easter trading have been announced. This will see supermarkets remain closed as usual on Good Friday (10 April), but will be open on Easter Sunday (12 April) to ensure people do not feel the need to panic buy.
  • The closure on Good Friday will give staff an opportunity to have a well-deserved rest and give supermarkets the chance to restock their shelves.

Updated advice on Funerals and Tangi

Only people from the same self-isolation bubble as the deceased person can go to the funeral home and cemetery with the deceased, and only if these are in the same region. Talk with your funeral director about specific arrangements, including how to keep your physical distance.

This applies to all deceased persons, regardless of when and where they died, or the cause of death.

It includes gatherings at burials, cremations, memorial services, open or closed caskets or viewings, funeral wakes, processions or receptions and social gatherings, both indoors and outdoors.

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Recent Government Announcements and Advice – Covid-19