South Westland Freshwater Management Unit

15 October 2020

The West Coast Regional Council is looking for interested residents in Westland to join the South Westland Freshwater Management Group. A community meeting will be held on 3 November 2020 at the Fox Glacier Community Hall to provide information about the NPSFM, science information about the South Westland freshwater resources and the FMU, the purpose and structure of the FMU Group and how you can get involved.

Purpose of the Hokitika FMU group

The purpose of the Group is to engage with the community to identify their values for, and understand the issues with, freshwater quality and quantity in the Hokitika Freshwater Management Unit (FMU).

The Group will then make recommendations to the Council Resource Management Committee (RMC) for future plan provisions and work programmes to manage the land and water resources within the FMU.

For more information visit the West Coast Regional Council Website.

South Westland Freshwater Management Unit