Parking at Sunset Point

15 February 2021

You might have noticed that parking at the newly redeveloped Sunset Point is a bit different from the typical car park. Safety is an integral part of the design, as the area can be quite busy with pedestrians and vehicle traffic. Drivers should reverse park on both sides, with the front of the car facing away from the footpath.

This type of parking encourages pedestrian safety, with people going directly to the footpath instead of out into the road. It also makes it easier for anyone driving in and out of the car park as driver visibility is improved.

Making this a safe and enjoyable area for everyone is very important to the Council, so if you go to Sunset Point to enjoy the view, make sure you back into your parking space. If the weather is fine, instead of staying in the car, take a picnic or buy some fish and chips and get out and enjoy the whole area. If you’re lucky enough to get a sea-side park, reverse in, pop open the boot or tailgate and you’ve got an instant seat to view the sunset.

Photo: © Westland District Council

Parking at Sunset Point