Fox River cleanup complete

18 May 2021

Work to finish cleaning up the rubbish from the Fox River bed began in October 2020 and was completed just after Easter 2021. With funding received from the Covid-19 Shovel Ready pool, a team of workers who live and work in the area undertook the task of removing the remaining visible waste from the river.

Receiving funding for this project allowed Council to employ a team to clean up the environment and return it to a better state. This provided much-needed work that kept people in the communities they had chosen to call home. All visible rubbish was removed from the river bed, with a total of 39 fadges ready to be transported to the Butlers Landfill near Hokitika.

Being able to work in partnership with Fox Glacier Guides meant that the team were well trained and equipped with the appropriate gear to work outdoors and in sometimes poor weather. Westland District Council acknowledges the efforts of the Fox Glacier Guides team, the Fox Community and all staff involved in the clean-up.

Photo Credit: Jenna Pitcon & Westland District Council

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Fox River cleanup complete