Emergency text message service

15 November 2021

If you aren’t already signed up to Council’s emergency text message service, now is the time to do it.

It’s quick and easy to do on our website and all you need is a New Zealand cell phone number. The service allows Council to contact anyone who has signed up to the service and to notify subscribers of urgent messages, for example boil water notices. Council does not use it for any form of advertising or business-as-usual messages and it doesn’t replace any national emergency notifications.

We would encourage anyone who uses the system to check with their family, neighbours and friends and help them to sign up if they are not already. If someone receives a text alert and knows that others aren’t signed up we would also encourage them to pass the message along.

If you no longer want to receive the alerts reply STOP to any message and the system will automatically remove their number from the contact list. You can also opt-out using the form on the website. If you move from one part of Westland to another and want to update your geographic area you can use the form on the website to do this and Council will update their details.

Emergency text message service