Covid-19 – Westland Medical Centre

Tuesday 24 March 2020

Information from the Westland Medical Centre

Westland Medical Centre have been advised to reduce in person consultations to protect our patients and staff.

We are now operating at Level 3 & 4 of the alert levels.

We are in the fortunate position to have two buildings available in order to set up separate consulting areas.

  • For people that we cannot assist over the phone and are not showing symptoms of infection, they will still be seen in the medical centre for ESSENTIAL routine care.
  • For unwell people (colds and flu) (not Covid-19 related) an appointment must be made. They will be seen AT 54 Sewell Street, the house next door to the medical centre, in a separate consulting area – this is an emergency centre and is wheel chair accessible.
  • For flu vaccines, please wait in your car on Railway Terrace. You will be called into our conference room to be kept separated.
  • For Covid 19 we have a separate area completely

We’re working, we’re seeing people that need to be seen, but are limiting staff and patient exposure.

Please contact the medical centre on 03-755 8180 to speak make appointments or speak to a staff member.

Covid-19 – Westland Medical Centre