We want your e-waste

15 November 2021

Westland District Council has partnered up with EnviroWaste & TechCollect NZ to bring you a free e-waste recycling service in Westland. The term ‘e-waste’ covers a wide range of products that are powered by electricity via cords or batteries. When these products reach the end of their life or are no longer wanted, they are classified as e-waste. Recycling our ewaste allows the materials to be broken down and made into new products, reducing the need for more valuable and finite resources to be extracted from the earth.

This service is available to households and small businesses who want to responsibly dispose of their e-waste.

From 2 November 2021, you can drop off your e-waste at the Hokitika Transfer Station at 84 Hau Hau Road during operating hours. Staff will inspect all e-waste received to ensure it is clean, dry and an accepted item.

What is accepted?

  • Computers, laptops/notebooks, tablets/palmtops, and associated cables.
  • Computer monitors and projectors, including CRT/LCD/flat-panel monitors and parts(e.g. internal hard drives and CD drives).
  • Printers, scanners, and multi-functional devices (MFDs) including: toners and ink cartridges contained within a printer where they cannot reasonably be removed.
  • Computer peripherals and accessories (e.g. mice, keyboards, web cameras, USB’s and modems).
  • Cameras & video cameras.

What is not accepted for recycling?

  • TVs
  • Whitegoods
  • Consumer electronics
  • Loose batteries
  • Toner and ink cartridges

Mobile phones, phone charges and cables continue to be accepted for recycling through the Noel Leeming partnership programme with RE: mobile; a cellular phone recycling scheme.

We want your e-waste