Swimming Pool Looking Forward to Reopening

8 July 2020

Hokitika swimming pool will reopen refreshed and ready for business later this month. With a fresh coat of paint on the lane markings in the swimming pool and work completed on the boiler, staff look forward to welcoming the public back.

Aqua Fitness will begin on 20 July and Aqua Zumba will start on the first Friday after opening. This is an excellent form of exercise for aching bodies and joints and will help to kickstart fitness if you have been enjoying relaxation during the Covid-19 lockdown. Classes are low-impact, really social and lots of fun.

If a class doesn’t appeal and you don’t like to swim, come and take a walk under water. The pool is always a warm place to walk on a cold day and only 1.4m at its deepest. Walking underwater is excellent rehabilitation for hips and knees. The available hoist means that there’s no reason not to visit.

Swimming lessons will restart after the July School Holidays.

Photo by Westland District Council

Swimming Pool Looking Forward to Reopening