Recycling Week 2020

15 October 2020

Recycling Week takes place over the 19th – 25th of October. The aim is to encourage New Zealander’s to be conscious about what we buy and to adopt effective disposal and recycling practices.

There are tips and education resources for each day of the week to help get you started forming new habits.

Did you know? Recycling one tonne of paper saves approximately 25,000 litres of water. That helps to save trees, power and water sources.

You can find out more about recycling week on the Recycle website and download resources to help remind you about different things you can do each day. Follow the Facebook page and be in to win prizes all week.

Questions about Waste and Recycling?

If you have any questions about waste and recycling in Westland you can now send an email directly to our Solid Waste team using

Recycling Week 2020