Changes to payment types

Making payments to Council

13 November 2020

Council will be unable to accept cheques after 30 April 2021. Westpac recently announced that they are ceasing cheques as a means of payment and this affects how Council receives payments.

Alternative forms of payment will take time for some customers to get used to, and staff can assist customers to understand the options available.

There are many other ways to make payments to Council, including automatic payments, direct debit payments, online bill payments, cash and eftpos.

If using online systems is unfamiliar, the Library is available to help with Digital Skills Classes and one-to-one help with Book a Librarian. Staff are happy to assist people to learn the skills needed to make payments to Council and other organisations. Please contact the library for more information on these classes: phone 03 755 6208.

For more information about making payments, please contact Council on 0800 474 834.

Alternative ways to pay for your account include:

  • At the counter – cash and eftpos
  • Automatic payments through online banking
  • Direct debit payments
  • Online bill payments
  • Online and website credit card payments

The video below shows you how to pay an invoice online through our website.

Making payments to Council