Halls and War Memorials Renovations

15 February 2021

After our successful funding applications for $1.1 million to the PGF for Halls and War Memorials, work is underway and halls and memorials around the district are being renovated and refurbished to give them new life.

Current work on Halls includes:

  • Kumara Hall – Electrical work and insulation completed and spouting replaced.
  • Grey Power Building – Windows replaced and roof made weather-tight.
  • Kokotahi Hall – Back wall reclad. Project Manager working with engineers on plans to reclad, insulate and brace the East wall.
  • Waitaha Hall – Building cleaned and prepared for repiling. Rotten timber has been replaced. The main cladding is Elery’s iron in a custom size, which is on order.
  • Bruce Bay Hall – Plans to change the entrance and piling plan complete.
  • Haast Hall – Community request for it to be fit-for-purpose as a Civil Defence shelter. Work to be done to earthquake strengthen the hall for this use.
  • Okuru Hall – Piling plan completed

War Memorials:

  • Cass Square Cenotaph – Liddells contractors are cleaning the memorial using a cleaning procedure provided by the Museum for statue and headstone cleaning which helps to prevent damage being caused to the stone.
  • Harihari War Memorial Gates – cleaning has begun on these using the Hokitika Museum procedure.

Photo: © Westland District Council – Cass Square Cenotaph being prepared for cleaning.

Halls and War Memorials Renovations