Fourth Quarter Rates

13 May 2020

Council has been undertaking all essential services throughout the Covid-19 Alert period. These services, such as rubbish and recycling collection, waste and stormwater maintenance and drinking water treatment, and road repairs and maintenance are necessary to ensure that Westland Residents have a clean and safe district to live in. The rates on your property pay for these services and the staff who provide them. Fourth quarter rates payments are due by 30 May 2020.

If you believe that you will have difficulty paying your rates, please do not just stop paying. Contact Council at or phone 0800 474 834 if you would like to discuss your options – we want to help. More information is also available on our rates page.

Rates Rebates

Council administers the Rates Rebates scheme for low-income households on behalf of the Department of Internal Affairs. To receive a rebate on 2019/20 Rates you must apply before 30 June. If you are uncertain if you qualify, use the rebate calculator. Rebates are available pro-rata up to $640. Find out more on the DIA website.

Fourth Quarter Rates