Moving into Level 3

23 April 2020

Alert Level 3 – Council Services Update

23 April 2020


Fourth instalment rates are due to Council by 31 May 2021. Rates pay for Council’s essential services such as ensuring households have safe drinking water, that the waste water system keeps operating, rubbish is collected, burials and cemeteries can take place, essential roading and safety repairs are made, emergency services (Civil Defence) are on hand, and flood protection is being monitored. If you have any questions or concerns about paying rates, please see our website for options or contact the Council’s rates officer on 03 756 9010 or email

Rates Rebates

There has been a temporary legislative amendment to allow for a statutory declaration for rates rebates to be made via audio-visual link or over the telephone. This amendment came into force on Friday 17 April and continues until 25 June 2020, unless extended or revoked earlier.

Anyone applying for a rates rebate can now contact an authorised witness and sign the document during an audio-visual call or phone call to them and then have the authorised witness sign the document, or a photographed or scanned copy of the document. This form can then be returned to Council’s rates officer at or by post.

Inspection of rating information database

Council’s Rating Information Database (RID) is available for public viewing from 1 May 2020. There is no fee to view the database.

Go to at any time

District Assets

Under Alert Level 3 playgrounds remain closed. All essential services will continue to operate as they did under Alert Level 4, so rubbish and recycling continues to be collected, public toilets are open and essential maintenance will be undertaken.

With additional health and safety measures construction projects and essential travel, site visits and inspections will be conducted.

Drinking Water advice

The Ministry of Health has issued advice for ensuring drinking water is clean in businesses following the lockdown period.

With many community facilities/businesses being closed during the COVID-19 4-week self-isolation period this provides the opportunity for drinking-water quality issues to occur upon return to normal service activities. These issues are most likely to arise when water is used for the first time given the water may have been sitting idle in your pipes and stagnated or deteriorated.

See our website for the document.


The planning department will be processing LIMs from Tuesday 28 May 2020. Please contact Council on 03 756 9010 or for further information.


The Library remains closed at Alert Level 3. Loans have been extended and fines waived. You cannot return books until the library opens.

Digital library services remain available on customers’ devices. See the library website for more details.

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Alert Level 3 – Council Services Update

Building Department – Alert Level 3

23 April 2020

With the government announcing the change in alert level from 4, to 3 at 11.59pm Monday 27 April 2020, it enables most construction related businesses to recommence work, if they can do so safely with some restrictions for Health and Safety.  This means that inspections for building construction can commence from this date, where we are able to determine that required Covid-19 Health and Safety processes are in place. Priority will be placed on inspections previously booked that were unable to be undertaken when we moved into Alert Level 4

Please contact the Building Department on 03 756 9040 to book an inspection.  You will be asked some questions relating to Covid-19 and may need to provide some additional information, as per the protocols on the MBIE website and the Construction Industry website.  All contractors / construction business should have received these documents and be working on putting them into place.  A brochure from SiteSafe is also available. Please refer to the links if you haven’t received these.

Westland District Council is committed to working alongside Government to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As an industry, we are united against COVID-19 and will do our outmost to protect our workers, the wider community, and New Zealand.

We know that we’re in this together – this means trusting that those we work with will keep us safe and that we’ll do the same for them.  We recognise that we must work together to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone in the supply chain.

We look forward to working with you.

Building Department – Alert Level 3

Waste and Recycling Anzac Weekend 2020

23 April 2020

Saturday 25 & Sunday 26

Hokitika, Ross, Hari Hari and Kumara transfer stations closed.

All Southern sites closed.

Monday 27

Hokitika transfer station open as normal

Kerbside collection as normal

All Southern sites resume normal services.

West Coast Employment Portal

23 April 2020

An employment portal is being set up by the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) to help West Coast businesses and workers affected by COVID-19.

The establishment of the portal is one of several initiatives underway aimed at mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on local employment.

Through the portal, DWC will be working with MSD and other regional development agencies to facilitate getting available workers into much-needed employment once the COVID-19 lockdown is removed.

The employment portal will be up and running soon. In the meantime, any businesses that either need staff or have staff to redeploy  visit here.

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Golden Rules for Communities – Alert Level 3

23 April 2020

Small gatherings of up to 10 people will be allowed for funerals and tangihanga and wedding ceremonies. Otherwise, please follow the golden rules outlined below:

  1. Stay home. If you are not at work, school, exercising or getting essentials then you must be at home, the same as at Alert Level 4.
  2. Work and learn from home if you can. We still want the vast majority of people working from home, and children and young people learning from home. At-risk students and staff should also stay at home, and they will be supported to do so. Early learning centres and schools will physically be open for up to Year 10 for families that need them.
  3. Make your business COVID-19 safe. COVID-19 has spread in workplaces, so the quid pro quo of being able to open is doing it in a way that doesn’t spread the virus.
  4. Stay regional. You can exercise at parks or beaches within your region, but the closer to home the better. Activities must be safe – keep 2 metres away from anybody not in your bubble. Make minimal trips.
  5. Keep your bubble as small as possible. If you need to, you can expand your bubble a small amount to bring in close family, isolated people or caregivers.
  6. Wash your hands often with soap. Then dry them. Cough and sneeze into your elbow.
  7. If you are sick, stay at home and quickly seek advice from your GP or Healthline about getting a test. There is no stigma to COVID-19. We will only be successful if everyone is willing to play their part in finding it wherever it is.

See Covid19 for further information.

Golden Rules for Communities – Alert Level 3

Businesses at Alert Level 3

23 April 2020

  • Food businesses wanting to get up and running again in Alert Level 3 must take steps to ensure food is safe and suitable, and requirements are being met.
  • The Ministry for Primary Industries has provided advice for food businesses wanting to reopen in Alert Level 3. It includes guidance on making changes to the Food Act 2014, a Food Business Checklist and a summary of safe work practices. See more here.
  • A wide range of new content has been added to the website regarding workplace restrictions at different alert levels.
  • Worksafe has provided  “Transitioning from Alert Level 4” advice including the necessary health and safety requirements for businesses. Visit here for more information.

Online business

Development West Coast is working with EPIC Westport and Tai Poutini Polytechnic to create a directory of businesses operating online during Alert Level 3. They can also offer support for businesses to set up a website and offer online sales.

Contact Development West Coast on or visit their website for more information.

Golden Rules to Make Your Business Covid-19 Safe

  1. If your business requires close physical contact it can’t operate.
  2. Your staff should work from home if they can.
  3. Customers cannot come onto your premises. Unless you are a supermarket, dairy, petrol station, pharmacy or permitted health service
  4. Your business must be contactless. Your customers can pay online, over the phone or in a contactless way. Delivery or pick-up must also be contactless.
  5. Basic hygiene measures must be maintained. Physical distancing, hand washing and regularly cleaning surfaces. Workers must stay home if they are sick.
  6. If you used PPE in your business before COVID-19, then keep using it in the same way. If you didn’t use PPE in your business before COVID-19, you don’t need it now. This is advice for retailers, manufacturers and the service industries. Different advice applies to essential healthcare workers, border agencies, courts and tribunal staff, first responders and corrections staff. Visit for more advice.
  7. You must meet all other health and safety obligations.

Find out more at Covid19

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Businesses at Alert Level 3

Haast/Bruce Bay – COVID-19 Sentinel Testing

23 April 2020

West Coast DHB will be undertaking COVID-19 Sentinel testing in Haast and Bruce Bay this Friday 24 April. Anyone in those communities who wishes to be tested can turn up to the mobile CBAC – no referral necessary. Please do not travel from outside of these areas to be tested. Testing further North will follow.

Free flu vaccinations will also be available for anyone who has identified priority health needs (i.e. 65 years of age and over, with an identified chronic health condition, pregnant etc)

The service will be available as follows:

Haast Location St John Rooms Carpark 9am to 11am
Bruce Bay Location

For people in the Bruce Bay area only, South of Ohinetamatea River

Bruce Bay Community Hall Carpark 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Who can be tested

Anyone – with or without symptoms

What to expect

  • Stay in your car and follow directions
  • Staff will approach your car to gather details, provide information and take the swab


  • Any person who has COVID-19 symptoms should contact Healthline (0800 358 5453), or you could phone your own doctor or local clinic; or contact Poutini Waiora (Māori Health and Social Service) – 0800 333 170 – you do not need to wait until Friday
  • Testing will be available at the times stated subject to available tests – testing will cease when the service runs out of tests.

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Haast/Bruce Bay – COVID-19 Sentinel Testing