Creative Community funding allocated

12 October 2021

The Creative Communities Committee considered six applications for Round 1 2021-2022 funding in September. All of the funding available was allocated between the six groups who applied.

  • Driftwood & Sand Beach Sculpture Art Festival received funding for a Guest Sculptor and Workshop
  • WestReap in association with the Hokitika Drama Society received funding to sew costumes for a 1920’s Wardrobe for Westland Communities who are preparing for 2023 Centennial celebrations in Westland
  • Hokitika Lions Club received funding for Children’s Day & Christmas Parade Craft and float preparation
  • Hokitika Dramatic Society received funding for a Basic Stage Makeup Workshop
  • Hokitika Lions – Outdoor Public Community Art Display received funding for Stage 1 of Large Art Boards facing Beachfront
  • Revell in the Community received funding for Taster workshops at Revell Street Market

The next Creative Communities Funding will be in March 2022.

If you are considering applying, the criteria are inclusive and diverse. The Creative Community Scheme Initially looks at what category your application comes under:

  • Creation and participation: Create opportunities for local communities to engage with, or participate in local arts activities.
  • Diversity: Support the diverse artistic cultural traditions of local communities.
  • Young people: Enable young people to engage with, and participate in the arts.

The CCS Committee then looks at what the project is and how it supports arts in the community.

Creative projects can be anything from:

  • exhibitions, workshops, festivals featuring local artists, rehearsal and performances, seminars for local  artist development,.
  • public artworks including but not limited to:
    • Inanimate works or workshops to create works such as art displays or written word, weaving, pottery, carving, public art, rarangi, tukutuku, whakairo or kowhaiwhai,
    • Physical performances such as dancing, community choirs, hip-hop groups, poetry performances, theatre
    • Creation of community film,
    • Artist residencies involving local artists and communities, street art, mural creation, music, and more.

If you are part of a creative group and would like to find out more about applying for funding, contact Sarah Brown, Community Development Advisor:

Creative Community funding allocated