Introduction to Local Government: District Assets

District Assets provides input and management for most engineering-related aspects within the district’s urban and rural communities.

This involves overseeing essential services for water, sewerage and stormwater, as well as roads, parks and reserves (including cemeteries), solid waste (refuse), public toilets, buildings, fleet vehicles and the iconic West Coast Wilderness Trail.

Daily activities involve decision-making for maintenance activities, as well as planning and executing new capital projects, infrastructure upgrades and renewals.

Planning these activities requires resource consents, asset management plans, operational plans and budgeting the best outcome for ratepayers. We also collect and record monitoring data about the performance of our assets for compliance purposes and oversee the work of a wide range of contractors who act on our behalf.

Our team also proactively pursues funding cost-share opportunities including government grants for Tourist Infrastructure Funding (TIF). We also submit applications for funding under schemes such as Maintaining Great Rides (MGR), the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF), Visitor Driver Programme and other NZTA roading opportunities, which assists in keeping rates as reasonable as possible.

Our team is very small for the size of the district and in comparison with neighbouring councils.



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