A word from Dog Control

Longer daylight hours mean that dog owners are spending more time out and about with ‘man’s best friend’.

Now is a good time to remind yourself of the Council’s Dog Control Bylaw and responsible dog ownership. Dog Control is managed by officers from the Council.

You can find the full Dog Control Bylaw on the Council’s website here.

Except where noted below, dogs need to be kept on the lead, including within 20 metres of children’s playgrounds and mown playing surfaces of public sports grounds.

As long as you have control of your dog through whistle, electronic collar or voice, areas available for off the leash include the following:

  • Within Hokitika: MacAndrew Square Gardens; Bonar Drive Reserve; Robbins Park – Airport Drive and Prossers Bush.
  • Outside of Hokitika: All public places.
  • Most beach areas are also available for off the lead. Please be aware of native wildlife, particularly Little Blue Penguins who nest near the beaches. Dogs are allowed off the lead only during daylight hours. Avoid allowing dogs to be off the lead above the high tide line, in dunes, and in areas of beach-side vegetation. Your dog’s natural instincts on seeing, smelling or hearing a small creature may over-ride your abilities of voice control of them.

If you take your dog out in the car during the summer, remember that the inside of a car is much hotter than outside. Even with the windows down your dog can overheat. If you have to take your dog out in the car, park in the shade.

See Council’s website for further information here.




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